Steve Chandler x Unordinary(Prod. By Steve Chandler)


Review : The xylophone notes that are played throughout the entire beat give it great interest. It makes the beat lighter. Then with that intertwined with the hi-hats and what sounds like a synth here and there. I liked the beat a lot. I could picture a lot of artist taking this and running with it. Check it out and see for yourself. Listen, download, and show love !

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Deeper Into Music w/ SiR E.U The Great !



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Why did you choose SiR E.U as your rap alias :

 I have no idea where the SiR came from whatsoever. I picked it up around 9th grade and just stuck with it. I used to be like Gogo Frank with the online music in the DMV except much less popular and more dark skinned so it all worked out in the end.
Name five artist you can’t go a week without listening to :

I think my father and Jay-Z are the only people who I can honestly say I go out of my way and planned path to listen to daily. I normally listen to whatever my favorite song at the moment is on repeat for the entire day. These songs range from “Pop That” to “Kiss From A Rose” depending on how well Spotify treats ya boy.
Who or what inspires you the most :

I think I’m inspired the most by doubt and shortcomings. Those definitely propel most of my drive, either what I’ve been denied, don’t have the liberty to accomplish, or just what I deserve. Self determination a lot. And women. Women, women, women. Probably more incentive than content based inspiration, those women. Young sapiosexual la flare
What is your personal favorite verse that you spit on the 3000% Black Excellence tape :

I think my favorite verse on 3000% Black Excellence is the 2nd verse on 63 HUNNA. My most definitive feeling verse as well as probably the most depth I compacted into a 16 up to that point. If not that, The Claw. Both of those verses are like carbon copies of how I felt at those times and even now. I feel like I wasted no lines on those.
Where do you see yourself in the next five years:

In 5 years something ill in any sense of the word would have happened. Ill as in me imploding or killing someone if these dreams are not achieved, or ill as in, “oh this is cool, i did the whole one-in-a-million thing”. We’ll see.
Where can people checkout your music : or!
What are your feelings towards hip hop and the direction rap is going in :

Hip-Hop is the music for the people who love it, as is all music throughout all genres. It’s an art too. Rap always, always, always, ALWAYS sucks with no message. That fact eludes not one music maker in any genre. So yeah. Message-less rap sucks. WOO WOO SWAG !
Name one thing most people probably don’t know about you :

I have dyslexia.
What can people expect from you, and the rest of the Kool Klux Klan as far as music or shows  :

Forward progress with whatever our goal may be at that time, as far as each individual member goes. Kool Klux Klan never dies.


NativSight x Phillip Van Hype Trailer & Art GIF !

Mark your calendars ! December 2nd, 2012. Nativ Hype, lifestyle brand and media blog, teams up with brand Plain Sight to present listeners with a music mix. With artists like Ryshon Jones, Supa Ice Cold, Grande Marshall, Asaad, Dosage, and more expected to feature on the project, expectations are set high for this project. Below is a mini trailer with a song produced by Zigg and a GIF, created by freelance digital artist Brandon Hudson. 


Check Out !

NativSight – Phillip Van Hype [Trailer] 12.02.12

Atar’e Godspeed x Think Twice ( Shot & Dir. By J Rich )

Review : The wordplay in this song was quite imaginative. My favorite bar was ” Been raw like the sushi roll with the fresh, white rice ” . Excited to see what Atar’e has coming next for us. And kudos to J Rich behind the camera. Clean shots, smooth editing. What I like to see. This gets a thumbs up for me. Watch, comment, and show love !


Ade Cruse X Voices (Prod By Ade Cruse ) X Dir. By @JayKEWL91

Review : There were clearly no limits to this video. Creativity and imagination had their hands on the wheel. I loved the grungy edge that the video was trying to capture. The special effects were minimal which means Jay Kewl really knows the ins and outs of directing a video and the editing process as well. Two thumbs up for me on this. I urge all to check this video out. Watch, comment, and show love !

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Grande Marshall X Girls (With Rhythm)

Review : Grande’s words just trickle out his mouth without hesitation or effort. Seems so natural when he raps. The beat for this track is very seductive. The metaphors and punch lines are funny as hell this time around. Thumbs up for me on this track. Listen, download, and show love !

DOWNLOAD : Girls (With Rhythm) by Grande Marshall


Bir Da Bomber X Give A Fuck

Review : This song feels so much more real than any of his other work I have listened to. Bir Da Bomber touches on politics, drug addictions, the deceptions inside the industry and so forth. I love this track. And it’s not even his flow that sold me on this. It’s purely his LYRICS ! Two thumbs up. Download and see for yourself. That’s all I can say .

DOWNLOAD: Give A Fuck by Bir Da Bomber