Deeper Into Blogging w/ Sanja & Maria

Sanja & Maria
23 Years Old
Šibenik, Croatia
What made you choose the name Blackie and Blondie for the name of your blog :
We are two friends and one of us has black hair color, other one is blonde!
What is the most exciting part about being a fashion blogger :
Reading the feedback from a lovely people
How does fashion influence your every day life :
If I am well dressed or see someone else with amazing style, my day is already better and inspired.
Is it hard to find content to blog about : 
It’s not really. The time for writing is hard to find cause both of us work.
Where do you see yourself in five years :
Blackie – fashion photographer for some big magazine
Blondie – singer.
Who or what are your biggest influences :
Inspirational random people, photographs.
How can people access your blog and/or contact your directly if they have inquiries :
They can click on our blog link or mail us.
Any advice that you can give to aspiring bloggers out there in the world :
Just be a little creative, random, funny and crazy.

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