Deeper Into Music w/ Tha Flock

Jay Ghangi 16 

Skeemy Bambaataa 17

Skinny 17

Trustin 18

Lexington Ky , 

We Are Group Of Old School Teens Trying To Bring Back That 90’s Feel Into Today’s Hip Hop With A Trill Twist. Our Goal Is To Try To Restore Real Hip Hop And Show People Music Can Be Fun Again Without Talking About Negatives.

Explain the name Tha Flock . How did the name for the group come to mind :

A flock is like a group of birds. Jay Ghangi And Skeemy Bambaataa made the name which we were a group of fly ass old school teens with high concepts that immediately added our brothers to the team.

Where can people find your music to listen or go to watch your videos :

You can find most of our music on SoundCloud.

Also our Youtube.

Then our major music videos are on 4th World’s Youtube.

Everything else is just kind of scattered around.

How does music influence your life :

Music doesn’t just influence our life , music is our way of life , our music is what separates us away from majority of our generation because majority is out here selling dope , gang banging and killing. But with music it just brings our souls at peace.

If you werent creating music , what would you be doing instead :

Most of us would probably be doing something with art, like graphic design. Something that involves us to use our mind and think outside the box to explore the creativity.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years :

In the span over the next five years, we see ourselves doing extravagant collab hits with Erykah Badu.

Who or what are your biggest influences :

Hip-hop pioneers such as Nas, Big Daddy Kane, Lauryn Hill, Slick Rick, etc. Our biggest influence is just being different from everybody else and staying true to our own identities.

Anyone in particular you would like to do work with in the future :

Top Dawg Entertainment fasho’

What is your stance on the progress that rap and hip hop may or may not be making right now :

Artist now a days aren’t putting their soul into their music. There aren’t any feel good vibes, just a lot of negativity and anger yelled into the microphone.

Tha Flocks favorite artists right now :

Kendrick Lamar , Ab – Soul , Schoolboy Q, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Outkast, Jhene Aiko, Frank Ocean, Chuuwee, P. Blackk, ttc.

Any advice that you can give to aspiring rappers out there :

Be yourself and don’t let other rappers make you. Build your own individual style.


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